Eponymous (2010)

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Eponymous CD cover


Brown Ale Serves Up “Eponymous”

It’s finally here! Over 2 ½ years in the making, this 16 track CD clocks in at an impressive 64 minutes, making it great value. Needless to say, it contains everything you expect in a typical Brown Ale CD, and then some.

In some ways, it picks up where our previous CD “Windsniffer and Other Assorted Legends” left off, with lots of original historical sounding songs spanning both sides of the Atlantic, done in various Celtic and East Coast styles, plus a few choice interpretations. There are plenty of lively pieces, dramatic pieces, fun pieces, instrumentals and our first dramatic oral recitation. In fact, there are some really interesting twists on this album!

We’ve included some stellar guests on the album, including Mike Ford, James Gordon, Howie Southwood (of Rawlins Cross), and harpist Moira Nelson, along with our friends Jon Grant, Mark Rolland and the English folk group Triangl. We’ve also included three tracks by our folk-rock trio Celteclectic (formed by adding art-rock guitarist Jon Grant to the mix).

All in all, it’s our best offering of Brown Ale yet. Enjoy!

Track Listing

To hear a 30 second sound clip of each song please click on the song title.

  1. Celtic Pride
    - barn burner Celtic Rock opener
  2. Chicken Bones, Alpine and Dulse
    - uptempo Maritime waltz
  3. Grope the Pope (The Throne Exam)
    - historical humourous ditty (may be considered offensive)
  4. Peter Easton
    - historical piece, done in a Classic Rock style
  5. Harry and Michael
    - medium tempo original jigs written in the County Claire style
  6. Those Naughty Boys
    - fast polka style humourous ditty
  7. Turlough O'Carolan
    - tender historical song with harp
  8. Roderick MacKenzie
    - historical piece, done in Celtic Rock style
  9. January Snows Set
    - ambient air on the flute, followed by two reels on the mandolin
  10. Oh Boy, Danny
    - parody of Danny Boy. See the video
  11. Dulse! (The Maritime Treat)
    - uptempo happy song. See the video
  12. Petty Harbour Bait Skiff
    - slow Newfoundland instrumental played on the concertina
  13. The Songs of Newfoundland (Omar Blondahl)
    - historical piece, Newfoundland style waltz
  14. Lowlands Low
    - traditional Newfoundland ballad, performed with ambience
  15. Frank and Tom
    - two uptempo Newfoundland jigs from the Battery District in St. John’s
  16. The Ice Floes
    - dramatic recitation. See the video

All songs are original except tracks 4, 9 (partial) 10, 12, 14, 15, and 16.

All songs are MAPL except track 10 (which is just production and artist).