Self Titled (2003)

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Self Titled Cd cover



Track Listing

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  1. Howie Meeker's Jig/Up the Southern Shore
    - medium tempo instrumental (jigs)
  2. By Peter Kerrivan
    - uptempo folk/rock song
  3. The Kelligrews Soiree
    - humourous turn of the century song
  4. Ode to Joy
    - well known classical piece, done minstrel style
  5. King of the Faeries Set
    - high energy instrumentals (hornpipe, reel and jig)
  6. Culloden's Harvest
    - dramatic Scottish ballad
  7. Lannigan's Ball
    - extremely rocked up Irish patter song
  8. The Death of Queen Jane
    - a cappella Olde English song
  9. The Gathering of the Clan Set
    - folk/rock instrumentals (reels)
  10. Fhear a Bhata
    - beautiful Scottish ballad
  11. The Steggie
    - raunchy Olde English song done to a Bo Diddley beat
  12. Emile's Set
    - Newfoundland fiddle tunes played on the flute (an air, followed by three reels)
  13. Betsy Brennan's Blue Hen
    - humourous turn of the century song
  14. Lukey's Boat / Du Pain, Du Beurre, et Du Caplin
    - well known Newfoundland song and a reel
  15. I'll Hang my Harp on a Willow Tree
    - sparsely accompanied ballad
  16. The Old Sod
    - uptempo folk/rock song
  17. Petty Harbour Bait Skiff
    - slow instrumental on the 4-stop accordion
  18. Stealin' the Holes
    - oral recitation